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How does ShopMundo work?
ShopMundo serves as the connection between customer and store, displaying all the available products from the latter, this way the customer is able to see more products in less time while being able to purchase online.


ShopMundo also brings security to both the store and the customer by taking the responsibility of collecting payments and helping to avoid fraud, scams or issues with transactions.


Shipping and Transit Time

ShopMundo aims for your satisfaction and security. We work with the best carriers in Dominican Republic and the world including UPS to ensure on-time delivery.


UPS is one of the best carriers in the globe, covering not only USA and Dominican Republic, but the entire world. With more than 300,000 staff and more than 100,000 trucks, UPS is the best option for fast, secure, and on-time online shipping.


With UPS, we ensure your package will be delivered on time. Delivery will take only few days for the USA with our partner in Miami, and no more than 7 days for the Dominican Republic.



Payment Process and Security

ShopMundo uses the best technologies available. We have different methods to receive payments all ensured by the most secure and standard protocols. We use, a company with over 20 years of experience handling credit cards and personal information in the USA.


When buying an item on ShopMundo you can choose your preferred payment method to make a purchase. You can do it through PayPal or by credit card (wire transfer payments available only in transactions within the Dominican Republic).


When you use your credit card, your information is protected and ciphered. Payments through wire transfer will be verified after the transaction is complete.



If a return is made within 72 hours after receiving the product, we will reimburse you the returned items in the same way they were paid for. After this period has ended, returns fall within each vendor’s policies.


The following items & electronic products are non-returnable:
  • Gift cards.
  • Batteries, ink and other consumable items.
  • Items that are damaged or abused, missing any accessories, missing the codes, serial/identification number or are not in the original package.

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